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Topic outline

  • Announcements and Communication tools

  • Introduction

    This is an online tutorial where you can learn how to install the Beacon application and "light a beacon" (i.e. deploy the Beacon application) on your data.

    The tutorial is hosted on the ELIXIR-SI eLearning Platform (EeLP). The main part of the tutorial are learning materials with instructions how to install Beacon on a computer/server and how to deploy the application after successful installation. These materials include PDF presentations and a webinar-style video that will guide you through Beacon installation. Materials were provided by the following members of the Beacon development team:

    • Juha Tornroos, ELIXIR Finland,
    • Jordi Rambla, ELIXIR Spain,
    • Sabela de la Torre, ELIXIR Spain.
    • Beacon workshops

      Beacon developers present their project at Beacon workshops, which are part of major international ELIXIR-related events, such as the annual ELIXIR All Hands Meeting (AHM). Below you can find materials that were presented during a Beacon workshop at ELIXIR AHM 2018 in Berlin, Germany.

    • Beacon installation and deployment - Instructions

      This section includes instructions (a short PDF version and a GitHub link to a longer version) and tutorial video how to install and deploy Beacon v0.4. For changes in more recent versions, please see the section "Beacon updates"

    • Beacon updates

      Beacon is an evolving project and there are continuous upgrades and releases of new versions. The installation and deployment instructions in the tutorial video cover the Beacon version 0.4. This section covers updates that has been made in more recent Beacon versions.